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Dedicate Stressgard

A powerful new fungicide that targets root and foliar diseases in the summer and snow mould in the winter.

Best Uses: Winterlong protection against snow mould diseases as well as preventative control of summer patch, dollar spot, and anthracnose.

Key Strengths: ANCHORED BY STROBILURIN CHEMISTRY. Dedicate Stressgard is the only co-formulated strobilurin based fungicide for superior snow mould control. Pre-mixed with Tebuconazole, it offers excellent winterlong protection against pink and gray snow mould to keep your fairways and greens in excellent shape.
The inclusion of Stressgard technology will deliver excellent color retention in the fall while providing outstanding turfgrass quality in the spring.

Ease of Application: Dedicate Stressgard was designed exclusively for the Canadian golf market. Its turf specific formulation delivers the lowest amount of A.I. compared to any other conventional snow mould fungicide.
Dedicate Stressgard also offers excellent application flexibility. Unlike many other snow mould fungicides, Dedicate Stressgard offers a simple and flexible rate structure that can be tailored to your needs, expectations and budget. In addition, there is less restrictive language on the product label for re-application guidelines or re-entry intervals

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