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Fungicide Chart


Product Active Ingredient Key Features
Bayer Banol Propamocarb

• Preventive and curative phythium control
​•​ Low resistance potenial​
• Excellent rotation partner with Signature

Bayer Compass Trifloxystrobin

• Excellent systemic control
• ​Low rates for excellent value​
• Recharging ability as plant grows

Bayer Interface Stressgard Iprodione Trifloxystrobin

• Two modes of action for great control
• Plant health benefits of Stressgard
• Nom-DMI for great turf safety all year

Bayer Signature XTRA Stressgard Fosetyl-Al

• Optimized formulation reduces oxidative stress
• Healthier roots for improved water and nutrient utilization
• Early spring green-up, enhanced recovery, improved color

Bayer Trilogy Stressgard Iprodione Trifloxystrobin Triticonazole

• Three modes of action for industry
​  leading control
• Plant health benefits of Stressgard
• Low Al for environmental stewardship

Bayer Triton Stressgard Triticonazole

• Highly systemic activity
• Plant health benefits of Stressgard
• Proven to improve turf health


Exteris Stressgard

 fluopyram (SDHI)  trifloxystrobin (QoI)

• Broad spectrum disease control
• Program flexibility for greens, tees and
• Preventative and curative activity

Bayer Mirage Stressgard Tebuconazole • Broad spectrum disease control
• Strong control of foliar and soil-borne fungal diseases
• Provides excellent turf quality
Nufarm Tourney Metconazole

• Broad spectrum DMI control
• Low use rates
• Rainfast within two hour

Nufarm Pinpoint Mandestrobin • Outstanding dollar spot control
• Preventative and early curative activity
• Excellent treated turf health and quality
• Tank-mixable with most other products


Polyoxin D • Unique FRAC 19 offers a new tool for resistance management
• Controls all rhizoctonia diseases
• An excellent tank mix partner with SDHI, DMI fungicides
BASF Insignia Pyraclostrobin

• Excellent systemic control
• Broad spectrum control
• Excellent patch disease performance

Quali-Pro Chlorothalonil 720F chlorothalonil

• Contact mode of action for quick results
• Multi-site activity for low resistance
• Excellent tank-mix partner

Propiconazole 14.3 ME Propiconazole

• Locally systemic for long-lasting control
• Broad spectrum DMI control
• Excellent tank-mix partner