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BWI Turf Covers

BWI is a family-owned business based in Calgary, and since 2005 we specialize in providing and manufacturing of industrial and commercial fabrics and bags.

We take great pride in our ISO-9001 2008 Quality system and have extended the same practices to our sister plant in Vietnam.

With having the capabilities to work side by side with our overseas manufacturing it allows us to keep our products competitive while not losing quality.

BWI is a leader and innovator when it comes to Fabric and Bags. Our brand Grid-Lock Green Covers have been used successfully throughout Western Canada and the partnership with BrettYoung has been very successful.

For stock sizes and custom options for any green, the Grid-Lock cover through BrettYoung has become the superintendent’s choice for permeable greens covers across Western Canada.

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Category Company Product Key Features
Permeable BWI Grid-Lock - 1.7 oz breathable cover
- Light weight, easy to handle
- Excellent for spring green up
Evergreen Original - Vented to allow air and water flow
- Light weight, easy to handle
- Designed to last 3-7 years
GreenJacket Permeable - White in colour
- Light weight, easy to handle
Impermeable Evergreen Ice Shield - Single piece construction
- Heated-sealed seams
- Ice can be easily removed from surface
GreenJacket Impermeable - True impermeable cover
- Prevents ice from forming on turf
- Excellent desiccation prevention
Insulating Materials GreenJacket Bubble insulation - 10 mm clear poly for strength under snow
- Aids in providing air gap and insulation
- Cost effective
Profile Futerra TRM - Long-lasting insulating material
- Black in colour for spring green up
- Provides best air gap under cover