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  • Foothold

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    • High traffic tolerance due to oversized crown
    • High leaf-to-stem ratio
    • Excellent winterhardiness and disease resistance
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  • Stronghold

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    • A high-quality tap root alfalfa that will stand the test of time
    • Excellent winter survival while providing excellent late season regrowth
    • Outstanding disease resistance to ensure great stand survival
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  • Octane

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    • Highly resistant to all diseases
    • Exceptional winterhardiness, which makes it built for the toughest conditions
    • Ideal for producers looking to maximize annual tonnage potential under a 2 to 4 cut harvest system
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  • Stockpile

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    • Produces high quality forage with excellent yield potential
    • Outstanding disease and pest resistance
    • Fast recovery and excellent persistence
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  • Shockwave BR

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    • Branch rooted trait with a superior disease resistance package
    • Better resistance to heaving pressure caused by freeze-thaw cycles
    • Productive variety in both normal and high moisture conditions
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