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Recover PO4 Inoculant Improves Phosphorous Fertility Management

Posted: Mar 21, 2018

Winnipeg, MB – March 21, 2018 – Brett-Young Seeds Limited announces the launch of Recover PO4 phosphate solubilizing inoculant for Canada.  The active ingredient in Recover PO4, Penicillium bilaii, is the same proven phosphorous fertilizer efficiency technology that thousands of Canadian farmers have used in products like TagTeam® and JumpStart®. Used as part of an overall phosphorous fertility program, Recover PO4 improves access to and makes more efficient use of phosphorous from both fertilizer and soil sources.

“The introduction of Recover PO4 fits with our core strategy of providing innovative seed and seed related products to help farmers grow in every way,” says Eric Gregory, Marketing Director of BrettYoung Seeds in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  “Recover PO4 strongly compliments our portfolio of world-class crop input solutions including BrettYoung brand canola and forage seed and Elite® brand corn and soybean seed.”

Recover PO4 is being introduced in a convenient liquid formulation as compared to other Penicillium bilaii products, allowing commercial applicators and farmers to easily apply with their everyday seed-treating practices without the need to solubilize with water first.  It is registered on alfalfa, canola, chickpeas, corn, dry beans, lentils, peas, soybeans, and spring and winter wheat. 

“The convenient liquid formulation will allow more farmers to utilize this proven technology to grow bigger, healthier crops,” says Gregory.


For more information about this announcement contact:

Eric Gregory, Marketing Director
Brett-Young Seeds Limited
P: 1-204-261-7932

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