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Move Over Invigor Canola

Posted: Oct 17, 2016

Move Over InVigor Canola

BrettYoung’s 6074 RR Canola Challenges  InVigor® Yields.

Over the past two years, 6074 RR has been the highestyielding Genuity® Roundup Ready® (RR) canola in the  Canola Performance Trials (CPTs), and has the agronomic traits to make it one of the best performing hybrids— no matter whether it has Liberty Link® or Genuity Roundup Ready traits.  “6074 RR has very high yield potential. Three years ago, our breeders actually visually saw this variety in our research trials and they just pointed it out in every trial. I said, ‘That’s the next big one.’ So it’s been exciting and fulfilling to have that variety come to the marketplace,” says Kevin McCallum, General Manager of DL Seeds at Morden, Manitoba.  DL Seeds was formed in 2008 as a joint plant-breeding venture between DSV and NPZ Lembke, two leading European canola-breeding companies with a long history of plant breeding. DL Seeds is BrettYoung’s canola breeding partner and the source of 6074 RR. 6074 RR is proving itself as the outstanding choice in the Genuity Roundup Ready segment with yields that challenge InVigor’s. It is one of the few hybrids to combine unsurpassed yield with wide adaptation, and Blackleg resistance (R).

Genetic Tolerance to Sclerotinia “6074 RR is a hybrid that delivers other unique disease resistance traits, like the improved tolerance (IT) to Sclerotinia rating it received with permanent registration this spring. So great harvestability and disease traits in a package that yields better than any Genuity Roundup Ready variety we’ve seen before,” says Rene Mabon, Agronomic and Regulatory Services Manager with BrettYoung at Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

In addition to leading performance in the CPTs, 6074 RR also leads the way in BrettYoung Comparison Trials (BCTs) for canola. These sites represent BrettYoung’s commitment to testing and bringing unbiased agronomic and performance data to the market. The sites are fieldscale, farmer-managed, replicated field trials. All sites are managed by an independent company in co-operation with the farmer. “We have received many results from our 2016 BCT trials. 6074 RR is showing results consistent with what we saw last year. Consistent top end yields. Last year we had 19 sites with 6074 RR and we have 20 in place this year,”  says Mabon.

The InVigor Challenge Trials In 2016, BrettYoung also launched the InVigor Challenge Trials. Fifteen head–to-head, farmer or dealer-run trials across western Canada that featured 6074 RR up against the best InVigor hybrids. “The InVigor genetics are very well respected in the marketplace, but we feel we have the genetics that are just as good or better in our varieties. We felt 6074 RR would challenge the InVigor hybrid yields, and in the head-to-head plots we expected that we would win, not every single plot, but we would win our share,” says McCallum. Check the BrettYoung website in November for the complete Challenge results—they’ll all be there, win, lose  or draw. Click Here to see trial results.

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