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Lallemand and BrettYoung Announce North American Ag-Biological Collaboration

Posted: Mar 06, 2014

Montréal, Canada & Toulouse, France -  Lallemand Specialties Canada Inc., doing business as Lallemand Plant Care, is pleased to announce a collaboration with BrettYoung Seeds Limited in the North American ag-biological product markets. In so doing Lallemand Plant Care has acquired the intellectual property rights and associated assets related to the biological products portfolio of BrettYoung, including the BioBoost® line of products.

BrettYoung will continue to serve its customers as the exclusive distributor of these products under the BioBoost® trademark. Lallemand and BrettYoung will collaborate to extend the current range of biological products distributed by BrettYoung through new solutions developed by Lallemand, which will improve of the productivity of important North American crops.

Commenting on the acquisition, Vince Myerly, General Manager of Lallemand Plant Care in North America said, “This partnership is an important step in bringing Lallemand’s exciting biostimulant and biofertilizer technologies already commercialized in Europe and South America, to North American producers. Our strains, production and stabilization expertise combines perfectly with BrettYoung’s product offering and excellent distribution network.”

Calvin Sonntag, CEO of BrettYoung said, ”BrettYoung has always looked for ways to bring unique value to its customers. A key element of this strategy is to develop long term partnerships with like-minded, world-class R&D organizations. This long term partnership with Lallemand, the global leader in the specialty application of yeast, bacteria and other micro-organisms, dramatically expands our ability to continue to do that.“


Lallemand Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company specializing in the research, development, production, marketing and distribution of yeast and bacteria for use in the animal nutrition, baking, beverage, bio-fuel, health solutions, plant care and pharmaceutical industries. Lallemand has approximately 2,500 employees located in more than 36 countries on all continents.    

Lallemand Plant Care is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of differentiated solutions for plant nutrition and health across forestry, horticulture, ornamentals and crops. Core products include yeasts, bacteria, fungi and yeast fractions.

BrettYoung is a privately owned agribusiness with headquarters in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Proud of our 80-year history in agriculture, we employ approximately 170 people in 4 processing and distribution facilities in Western Canada and in various sales territories across North America serving customers in three distinct markets: (1) BrettYoung partners with growers to produce forage and turf seed for export to 40 countries around the world; (2) BrettYoung provides crop input solutions to Canadian and US farmers, including BrettYoung canola and forage seed, Elite® brand corn and soybean seed and proprietary biological growth promoting technology, BioBoost®, for canola and soybeans; and (3) BrettYoung provides a wide range of products and services to professional turf and reclamation markets in Western Canada.

For more information, please contact:

Vince Myerly, General Manager, North America, Lallemand Plant Care
Telephone: +1 (585) 230-6301

Calvin Sonntag, CEO, BrettYoung
Phone: +1 (204) 478-2245