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Bunge Harrowby Offers Unique Canola Contract Opportunity

Posted: Oct 25, 2017

• Non-GMO canola production contracts now available from Bunge for the 2018/2019 season
• BrettYoung’s yield-leading Clearfield® variety, 5545 CL, plus the Bunge premium make for unbeatable returns
• 5535 CL and 5525 CL are also eligible for Bunge premium

Production Contract Features
$35.00/MT non-GMO Premium over Bunge Harrowby Canola Basis
Contract based on 35 BU/ac (0.8 MT/ac)

Contract volumes limited. To apply for a non-GMO Production Contract, contact Bunge directly at:
Jenn Jelinski      (204) 773-7092
Craig Kraeding   (204) 773-7091
To learn more about BrettYoung Clearfield canola, contact your local BrettYoung Regional Area Manager (RAM), BrettYoung Retailer or Click Here.