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BrettYoung and Alberta Innovates Technology

Posted: Aug 07, 2014

Calmar, AB -  Brett-Young Seeds Limited is pleased to announce that it has signed a comprehensive commercialization agreement with Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) on AITF’s native grass cultivars. The agreement consolidates a number of licensing agreements and extends BrettYoung’s exclusive position on 14 native grass cultivars developed by AITF solidifying BrettYoung as the exclusive supplier of these varieties.

“We are excited to extend our exclusive position on AITF’s 14 native grass cultivars and look forward to working with AITF to present the commercial and environmental merits of these cultivars to the reclamation industry,” says Travis Unger, National Sales Manager for BrettYoung - Professional Turf and Reclamation. “We believe locally sourced and produced native grasses add great value to our customers and this partnership enables Brett Young to continue to be market leaders in this regard. We also look forward to working with AITF to develop new native cultivars to meet the needs of our reclamation customers in Western Canada and the USA.”

AITF has developed native plants specifically for the reclamation industry and has received numerous prestigious awards for contributions to the improvement of land reclamation and remediation practices. Native plants can be a viable and recommended alternative to non-native species in re-vegetating disturbed sites or restoring natural habitat. “AITF is pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with BrettYoung in the reclamation market,” says AITF Environment and Carbon Management General Manager, Brent Lakeman. 


About BrettYoung

BrettYoung is a privately owned agribusiness with headquarters in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Proud of our 80+ year history in agriculture, we employ approximately 170 people in 5 processing and distribution facilities in Canada and in various sales territories across North America serving customers in three distinct markets: (1) BrettYoung partners with growers to produce forage and turf seed for export to 40 countries around the world; (2) BrettYoung provides crop input solutions to Canadian and US farmers, including BrettYoung brand canola and forage seed, Elite® brand corn and soybean seed and Lallemand® biological growth promoting technology, BioBoost®, for canola and soybeans; and (3) BrettYoung provides a wide range of products and services to professional turf and reclamation markets in Western Canada and Ontario.

For more information about this announcement contact:

Calvin Sonntag
Box 99, St. Norbert Postal Station
Winnipeg, MB R3V 1L5  
Toll Free: 1-800-665-5015

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