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The Alfalfa Fortress

Stronghold is a new high quality tap root alfalfa, targeting the high yield and high quality forage producer that will stand the test of time. Stronghold offers excellent winter survival while providing excellent late season regrowth, with an excellent disease package to ensure great stand survival. Stronghold was selected with top quality, persistence and yield in mind for the dairy or hay producer looking to solidify his forage production and win the battle.





Hay & Pasture

Root Habit

Tap root

Plant Type

Upright Multifoliate

Preferred Growing Conditions

Widely adapted; winterhardiness and quality

Production Period

Spring - Fall

Key Features

  • Excellent yield and quality
  • Superior winter hardiness, with low dormancy
  • Excellent disease resistance


  • Bloat hazard
  • Needs good drainage

​Yield Performance

​Stronghold combines great defenses and quality strategies to win the war in yield.