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Wholesale Forage Seed

High-Performance, Full-Service Forage Solutions

BrettYoung is your source for high quality, high performance forage seed. We offer a complete portfolio of improved alfalfas, legumes, grasses and annual forages to deliver in-demand characteristics and top performance. Our extensive portfolio consists of varieties that are well adapted to various geographies and production systems. Using the breadth of our portfolio we can custom build and package multi-species legume and grass blends tailored to your needs. 

Our team of production agronomists work with growers across western Canada and the US to produce the highest quality forage seed available. We have realized significant improvements in yield and quality, and efforts continue to improve the economics of forage seed production for our customers. Through our seed processing facilities in Winnipeg, MB and Rycroft, AB (Peace River region) we process, package and distribute forage seed to customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

BrettYoung’s geographical location in the centre of North America, combined with the fact that Winnipeg is a major transportation hub, allows us access to timely and competitive freight options. Whether you are shipping to a port for international transport or inside North America, your seed will be there when you need it.  

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