That are Distinct by Design

BrettYoung™ has launched a few new canola hybrids for the 2021 growing season. BY 6204TF and BY 6207TF, both equipped with the TruFlex™ canola system with Roundup Ready® Technology, feature top-end yield performance (102% and 100%*, respectively) and excellent disease resistance packages along with the flexibility of the TruFlex Weed Control system.

We’ve also expanded our Clearfield® canola portfolio with BY 5125CL, an earlier maturing (+0.4 days*) and higher-yielding (106%*) sister variety to our very popular 5545 CL variety.

BY 6204TF and BY 5125CL both carry first-generation** Clubroot resistance and feature DefendR®-rated Blackleg genetics, meaning you get industry-leading multi-genic Blackleg protection with a strong R rating. BY 6207TF features DefendR-rated clubroot resistance meaning it has next-generation** resistance including resistance to newer pathotypes such as 2B, 3A, 3D and others.

2020 marks the launch of an exciting partnership for BrettYoung as we have united with Rizobacter – a world-leading agricultural microbiology company – to bring useful, new inoculant technologies to our North American customers. This includes Osmium™, a line of liquid inoculants for pea, lentil and chickpea growers that features Osmo Protector Technology for a new level of performance in on-seed life and seed treatment compatibility. Signum®, a new liquid soybean inoculant, includes the same benefits plus added Bio-Inducer Technology to promote earlier nodulation and increased yield potential. Speak with your BrettYoung representative to learn more about why these technologies should be included in your 2021 pulse and soybean seeding plans.

The agriculture industry is undergoing significant change as consolidation continues and the number of choices declines, yet BrettYoung remains a family-owned company. We have strong connections to local markets where we continue to grow our presence. We are proud of our investment in innovation and infrastructure, and our partnerships with worldclass organizations. We are passionate about bringing choice through distinct and leading products which help keep your operation profitable. By design, our success is deeply rooted within your success; the two are intertwined and grow together.

We are Distinct By Design and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

*Yield and maturity ratings relative to WCC/RRC checks in private co-op trials.

** First-generation resistance means resistant to pathotypes 2F, 3H, 5!, 6M and 8N (these are equivalent to pathotypes 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 on the Williams’ differential set. Next-generation resistance includes pathotypes covered by first-generation resistance plus resistance to newer pathotypes such as 2B, 3A, 3D and other prevalent pathotypes.

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Our Canadian Product Guide features crop input solutions for Canadian farmers including: BrettYoung brand canola and Elite® brand soybean seed and ag-biologicals.

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