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Industry-Leading Varieties

Realize your yield potential with BrettYoung canola. BrettYoung has industry-leading varieties in the Genuity® Roundup Ready® and Clearfield® systems, sourcing the best technology and genetics to keep your business profitable.

Click on the variety names below or scroll to the right inside the table for more information on that variety. ​

Canola Portfolio - Summary of Key Characteristics

Variety      System     


Days to

Plant Heigh


Harvestability Seed

Average %
Oil Content



for Direct

6070 RR

Roundup Ready Canola
1 91 42 Blackleg: R
​Clubroot: R+Int. 5x
M 2 2 2 2

6080 RR

Roundup Ready Canola
1 90 41 Blackleg: R


2 1 1 2

6074 RR

Roundup Ready Canola
1 91 43 Blackleg: R
​Sclerotinia: IT
M 3 1 1 2

6056 CR

Roundup Ready Canola
2 92 43 Blackleg: R
​Clubroot: R+Int. 5x
M 2 2 1 2

5545 CL

Clearfield Logo
1 90 43 Blackleg: R M 2 2 1 2

5535 CL

Clearfield Logo
22 88 42 Blackleg: R M 3 2 1 2
 5525 CL
Clearfield Logo
2 90 43 Blackleg: R M 2 2 2 2

1Estimated yield potential based on Canadian Co-op trials. 2015 will be the first year of testing in NDSU trials.
2Estimated yield potential based on checks 46A65 and Q2 from Canadian Registration Co-op trials.
3Based on NDSU and private trial data from 2010 to 2013 converted to 90 DTM base.

Excellent Harvestability

Harvestability in canola goes hand-in-hand with a hybrid's ability to resist lodging. The first factor of an easy harvest is putting down a good swath; lodging resistance is the key. The second factor is ease of combining.

We select products that have excellent standability and good harvesting characteristics to carry the Excellent Harvestability rating. the harvestability rating is based on plot trial data and field scale experience. Excellent Harvestability is the hallmark of our canola portfolio.