U.S. Seed and Crop Inputs

Cultivating Your Success

We’ve grown deep roots in North America. More than eight decades worth of roots planted across the continent. And in that time, BrettYoung has proudly been providing growers with the products they need to remain at the forefront of agribusiness.

Over the years, we’ve seen significant changes and consolidation in our industry as the multinationals have grown even larger. Yet, we remain a family company; a family company that continues to grow. BrettYoung is a world-class company that provides high-performance seed and related products. We’re proud of our commitment to bring innovative, high-yielding products to the market backed by our strong investment in
the most current, cutting-edge crop research. Our commitment is about delivering the varieties growers depend on that are easy to harvest and deliver industry-leading yields. We bring rigorously tested new varieties to the market by building important strategic partnerships with world-class companies like DL Seeds and its parent companies on canola. Our newest strategic partner, Lallemand Plant Care on biological products promises to deliver a pipeline of unique high-performance biological products over the next several years.


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